Dump & Run Work List

Last launch jobs by area of boat bow to stern (front to back)


Weld crash bulkhead starboard hull plate

Wire in 240 outlet for sump pump

Fit pipe for pump outlet
Remove old paint from anchor room floor

Tanks and Wings
Pressure test (2-3 PSI air testing) 2 forward water tanks
Air pressure test both stabiliser wings, weld any issues

Put water pump in cofferdam for water tank supply -plumb to galley (kitchen) and head (bathroom)

Editing studio
Bolt computers and IT gear down



Nav gear install finished
Fasten down all IT gear
Replace steering wheel...oh yeah!
Grip stuff on steps
2nd hand rail attached on stairs
Youtube box bolted down - brackets if needed Clean up-things into cupboard


Make fiddles and attach

Stow appliances


Stow everything double glazing panes into storage

Below decks cabins and storage area

Tidy up and stow boxes


Locks on gates
Bench table on back deck ?
Fasten exhaust shroud

Insurance sorted

Registration brought

Engine Room
Wire up alternator (New/needs diagram- talk to Duncan)
Stainless steel shelf fiddle made and bolted
Fuel transfer pump and pipes fitted, (transfer manifold needed) Accelerator bracket modified
Locks on draws
Weld water drain on S bend on exhaust (bung)


Muffler made and installed

Generator working and exhaust done

Prop / Rudder

Seizing wire in prop
Collar bolted and rudder bolts replaced (Buy bolts)

Fit anodes on rudder
Replace grease after anti-fouling


Spot paint tie coat areas missed

Bungs finished

Weld week jobs

Corner wheelhouse underside
Anodes back on x3
Cut rust out of air tank starboard side and weld in plate/paint
Bungs in air tanks
Replace old welds on back deck roof x4 spot weld pin hole box section

Portside round plates tigged welded
Crash bulkhead holes pad welded


Cut out louvers in engine vents and weld in panels